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Savisto 8pc Boston Cocktail Shaker Gift Set + Mixer Making Bar Kit Accessories

Product Description

Savisto Premium Cocktail Set Packaged In An Elegant Gift Box

The Savisto Premium cocktail set is the ideal purchase for those interested in making professional quality cocktails at home! Whether a beginner or a seasoned pro when it comes to mixing drinks, you'll be able to concoct delicious recipes and sip in style quicker and more easily than ever before. This set of cocktail accessories includes everything you need to get started mixing drinks: a 800ml stainless steel cocktail shaker, 450ml glass, 25ml (single) and 50ml (double) stainless steel bar measures and a Hawthorne cocktail strainer are all included - as well as a stainless steel twisted bar spoon and wooden muddler, to help mix your ingredients more finely.

We have even compiled an extensive list of classic and modern cocktail recipes in our own Savisto "Big 500" cocktail book, to give you some ideas to get started. Whether you're struggling for ideas or overcome by too many, our handy recipes are sure to help you narrow down your options and get mixing fantastic recipes right from the off.

Impress your friends and liven up your parties with this chic and modern cocktail set from Savisto!

What is in the box:

1 x 800 ml Stainless steel cocktail shaker
1 x 450 ml glass
1 x Exclusive 500 recipe cocktail book (a wide range of cocktail recipes to choose from to impress your family and friends)
1 x Hawthorne cocktail strainer (for straining fruit and ice away)
1 x 25 ml stainless steel bar measure
1 x 50 ml stainless steel bar measure
1 x Stainless steel twisted bar spoon
1 x Wooden Muddler (for crushing fruit, ingredients)

Packaged in a black elegant Savisto gift box.


Product Features

• This Savisto Home Cocktail Making Set features a stylish professional grade stainless steel 800ml Boston cocktail shaker & 450ml glass and 25ml & 50ml bar measures.

• Other accessories include a textured wooden muddler, strainer & twisted bar spoon.

• Impress friends & family with everything needed to make home drinks using the complete mixing shaker kit.

• Ideal gift for both starter and professional mixers as all essential tools are included.

• Learn the best mixes using the exclusive Savisto Cocktail Book; containing 500 recipes.

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